Medicare Shop and Compare Resources

Sponsored by The Toledo Clinic

Our Virtual Medicare Shop and Compare Event was a huge success with loads of valuable information. As part of our efforts to offer continued support and information, we’ve made the entire virtual experience, including recording of the sessions and speakers, available to watch and re-watch at your leisure.

We also want you to know we’re here for you. If you have any further questions about Medicare or your current coverage needs and options, see the many ways you can get in contact with independent, licensed insurance agents below.

    Need help navigating your Medicare options?

    A licensed Medicare broker is a professional that is independent of any specific health plan, is appointed to represent multiple health plans, and can review your specific needs and help you compare Medicare coverage options for this enrollment year.

    We can put you in touch with brokers that understand the Independence Health Senior Care Advantage program. These brokers can help you evaluate coverage options to find one that meets your needs. With your permission, we will give your contact information to a broker to contact you to discuss coverage options.

    Medicare 101

    Learn Medicare basics and important enrollment dates

    Sue Kasap

    Health Plan Presentations

    Catch up on our health plan video content from the virtual event.

    Hear from our Toledo 60 Strong Ambassadors

    Get to know our speakers

    Dr. Amy Wolfe

    The Toledo Clinic

    Dr. Mazim Salem

    The Toledo Clinic

    Dr. Moshir Jacob

    The Toledo Clinic

    Michael Goldsmith



    Sue Kasap

    Quick Insured Brokerage


    Michael O’Reilly